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22, Mar 2012

Mat is extremely knowledgeable and has a lot of hands on experience. The course covered everything I think I will need in my job and also as a mother.

Sarah Childminder

2, Feb 2012

Tim was brill ! A real eye opener and we had great fun.

Adrian Cooper Tires

8, May 2012

Mat is a great instructor, the 3 days passed really quickly which is always a sign of a good course.

Adrian Wiltshire ACF

23, Apr 2012

Great course, learnt loads. I now feel a lot happier about getting involved and doing first aid on some one.


19, Apr 2012

Nigel is the best trainer I have ever come across. He had a great way of explaining things which gave you a clear picture and helped you understand what you were trying to do.

Richard Price Westbury