New Paediatric - Blended - ELearning.

We can now offer the Paediatric 12 hr course by elearning.

Course Structure.

Part 1:  The first 6 hrs is completed by e-learning at a time to suit you.  You can log on and off as many times as you want completing bite size chunks as you please.  

Part 2:  The Second 6 hrs is completed face to face with your trainer who will ensure you have understood the theory and be competant in the practical elements of the course.

Note:  Part 1 must be completed before attending Part 2.

Call the office on 01373 823424 for details. 


New TraumaFix® Military Field Dressing

Now updated and includes a built-in pillow that increases the pressure when stemming major blood flow.

Military camo packaging.       Amazing absorption of fluid.           Vacuum compressed packing           Labelled with full instructions.          Advanced absorbency protection.

Featuring all the benefits and unique features of the TraumaFix dressing above, the Military version is packaged to allow for the specialised environment in which it is likely to be used. The package itself is manufactured from a waterproof fabric that protects the dressing under extreme conditions.  A single use, sterile product, carefully designed for a serious job.


New AED Defibrillator Signage.

Following extensive research and public consultation, the Resuscitation Council (UK) and the British Heart Foundation have developed a new UK AED location sign and a supporting information poster, with the aim of ensuring that more people understand what AEDs are used for and are encouraged to use them

The new AED location sign makes the following changes to the existing one:

The lightning bolt icon has been changed to a stylised ECG heart trace – respondents of the public consultation overwhelmingly said they would be more likely to use a sign with this icon on.

The description has been changed to "Defibrillator – Heart Restarter" – respondents of the public consultation said they thought this term would most encourage them to use the device.

A supine person has been added, showing the suggested placement of the defibrillator pads, to reinforce (by way of a strong visual cue) how the device should be used.     

A supporting information poster has also been designed to reinforce the following key messages:

Anyone can use an AED – you do not need prior medical or first aid training.

It’s easy to use – just follow the instructions.

It is for use on an unconscious person who is not breathing normally.


New Legislation Allowing Spare Auto-Injectors to be kept in Schools.

New legislation was passed in Westminster this week to allow schools in the UK to keep spare adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) for emergency use.  AAIs deliver a potentially life saving dose of adreniline in the event of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis).  This legislation comes into effect from the 1st Oct 2017.


New Rules for Paediatric First Aid Training  -  12 hr and 6 hr courses !

The Department of Education have launched a new Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is a mandatory framework that all early years providers in England must adhere to.

Early years providers must have at least one person, who holds a current full paediatric first aid qualification such as the Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid - 12 hrs training on the premises and available at all times when children are present, and must accompany children on outings.

Childminders, and any assistant who might be in sole charge of the children for any period of time, must also hold a Full current Paediatric First Aid certificate.

Providers should take into account the number of children, staff and layout of premises to ensure that a paediatric first aider is able to respond to emergencies quickly.

All other child care staff who are included in the mandatory staff to children ratio, must hold either a Full Paediatric First Aid 12 Hrs (as above) or Emergency Paediatric First Aid 6 Hrs qualification, and gain this qualification within three months of starting work.


EFA Training Sponsors Westbury Youth Football Club

WESTBURYYouth FC has a brand new sign at the entrance to its ground thanks to sponsorship from local business EFATraining.

The club, which trains around 300 young players, has installed the new bigger, better sign in a bid to tidy up the entrance to the ground on Redland Lane.

The sign was paid for by first aid training company, EFATraining, based in Newtown in Westbury.

Local resident and owner of the company, Nigel Inseal said, “I was happy to sponsor this for the club – it’s an important part of the community and it’s healthy for kids to be outside playing sport.


First aid trainers sponsor new sign for young footballers

AED - Defibrillator Training on all First Aid at Work Courses

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced that from 31 December 2016, all first aid training providers will be required to train workplace first aiders in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on all first aid at work courses.

Over the last 12 months we have been leading the way by including AED training as standard on all our first aid at work training including the following courses.

1. First Aid at Work  ( 3 Days).

2. Rirst Aid at Work Re-Qualification (2 Days).

3. Emergency First Aid at Work  (1 Day).

4. Paediatric First Aid (6 hrs).

5. Paediatric First Aid (12 hrs).

6. Annual Refresher Training (3 Hrs).


Training on Defibrillators included on the EFAW, FAW & Paediatric courses.

Changes to the Resuscitation Council UK about CPR in Oct 2015 mean that HSE will now be revising the EFAW & FAW syllabuses.  The revision will require all workplace first aiders to be trained in the use of a Defibrillator from the 31st Dec 2016.  


Catastrophic Bleeding

If your casualty is bleeding so fast that they are likely to die in minutes and it cannot be stopped by direct pressure this is called Catastrophic bleeding.  We have now produced a course showing you how to deal with this type of injury.  The course will show you how to use Tourniquet's and Haemostatic dressings to control major and catastrophic blood loss.

This course is strongly recommended for Farm workers, Tree surgeons people working with power saws/tools etc.

The course takes 2 hrs to deliver and costs £50 per person.

First Aid at Work and Defibrillation Course

First Aid at Work and Defibrillation, 2 qualifications in one course. Most companies are now training their staff in the use of a Defibrillator as well as a First Aid qualification.  Normally this m

First Aid Risk Assessment Calculator

In order to find out what your First Aid risk assessment or needs are you can use our First Aid calculator which can be found by clicking the link below...

New Resuscitation Guidelines

The new resuscitation guidelines are due to be published mid-October this year. As of yet we have no advanced knowledge as to what changes if any there will be. For now please carry on training and practicing BLS in accordance with the 2010 guidelines. We will let you know what the changes are when we know them.

Cough and Heart Attack

The ‘How to survive a Heart Attack Alone’ guidance has once again been doing the rounds on the social media forums. We have checked with our Medical Adviser and they advise us that it is basically an urban legend. Guidance on this has been produced by the Resuscitation Council, the last time being in 2010.

Paediatric First Aid Training

Millie Thompson choked on her lunch at her nursery. Training in Paediatric First Aid will be a legal requirement for nursery staff in England under government plans announced following a baby’s death.


Introducing the very latest Defibrillator, The Cardiac Science G5. The reliable, easy-to-use AED, with advanced therapy to help save a life. The Powerheart G5 is the complete AED solution giving the c

Stroke – What to do

Every year around 152,000 people suffer from a stroke in the UK and it’s the third largest cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. Would you recognise the symptoms if a work colleague suffered

Asthma in Schools

Schools in England dealing with primary and secondary ages are now allowed to obtain Salbutamol inhalers to treat children with acute asthma attacks. Salbutamol inhalers may be bought from pharmaceu

Defibrillator Training

13 Feb 2015. This week we have provided 3 companies with Defibrillation training. These machines are real life savers and are a great addition to anyone's First Aid stores.

A First Aid Success Story

Ali – Townsend Design and Print - 6 Feb 2015. Ali from Townsend Design and Print based in Melksham, Wiltshire, attended one of our First Aid training courses and has informed us that she recently had